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Project Gorgon’s February Update Enhances Map System and Introduces VIP Emotes

Project Gorgon’s February Update Enhances Map System and Introduces VIP Emotes

Project Gorgon announced its latest update recently, bringing significant improvements and new features to enhance player experience. The highlight of this update is a comprehensive overhaul of the in-game map system, designed to facilitate navigation and interaction within the expansive world of Alharth.

Refined Map System for Enhanced Exploration

Acknowledging the challenges players faced with navigation and NPC management, the Project Gorgon team has introduced an updated map system. This enhancement allows players to easily locate NPCs, teleport platforms, meditation pillars, and portals on the map. Key information about NPCs, including services, item preferences, and favor levels, is now readily accessible, streamlining player interactions and decision-making in the game.

The update also introduces a variety of quality-of-life improvements to the map, such as customizable pins with additional color options, filters to manage map information, and a visually upgraded minimap. Furthermore, pets are now visible on the map, making it easier for players to keep track of their companions.

VIP Program and Emotes

In response to community inquiries about supporting Project Gorgon, the update details the VIP program, offering players a way to contribute monthly through Steam. VIPs enjoy perks like extra character slots and exclusive emotes, the first of which is the /flex command. This initiative aims to recognize and reward the game’s supportive community, with plans to introduce more VIP-exclusive features in the future.

Gameplay Adjustments and New Skills

The update also addresses gameplay balance and introduces the “Hardcore Living” skill, aimed at hardcore players. This new skill rewards players for tackling challenging monsters and will play a crucial role in accessing Hardcore gear in the future. Alongside this, the update brings adjustments to monster behavior, abilities, combat mechanics, and loot systems to provide a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes

Players can now enjoy new basic emotes, streamlined pet management, and improvements to the user interface. The update also fixes several bugs, including AI issues and item management quirks, further polishing the game.