RIFT's Carnival Festival 2023 Kicks Off With Exciting Quests and Prizes 1

RIFT’s Carnival Festival 2023 Kicks Off With Exciting Quests and Prizes

RIFT’s Annual Carnival Festival is here, and it’s time for players to put on their masks and join the festivities. This year marks the 12th anniversary of the popular MMORPG, and players can expect to see beautiful decorations and exciting activities in all major cities.

Starting today, players can take part in weekly and daily quests over the next four weeks, which will reward them with loot bags, mounts, and more. They can also collect Carnival Prize Tickets by completing Carnival Games, which can be redeemed for special prizes in the World Event section of the RIFT store.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Carnival Festival is the weekly quest, “Clean House at the Carnival.” Players must complete 50 Carnival mini-games and will be rewarded with two Auroral Doubloons, which can be exchanged in the Carnival shop for other rewards, and one Carnival Celebration Crate. The quest can be obtained by talking to Dantwor Honey-Tongue at the docks in Tempest Bay.

In addition to the weekly quest, there are various repeatable mini-games that players can participate in, such as the popular Balloon Stomp. Players who wish to participate in this game should refer to the Balloon Jumping Etiquette.

Players can also take part in daily quests, including Frog Wrangling and other activities. They can visit Sijay Creg in their home city for additional quests and to complete five Carnival Instant Adventures.

The Carnival Festival is a great way for players to earn rewards and have fun while celebrating RIFT’s 12th anniversary. So, grab your mask and join the festivities!

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