Bitcraft Developers Discuss Procedural Generation, Clothing, and Claim Totems in Recent Q&A 1

Bitcraft Developers Discuss Procedural Generation, Clothing, and Claim Totems in Recent Q&A

The Bitcraft developers have recently answered a range of questions from the community about the upcoming game. Bitcraft is a procedurally generated open-world game, with a focus on exploration, building, and community. The developers answered questions about the software used to create the world biomes and terrain, the storage of map and player data, the possibility of certain regions being designated for growing and producing items, and the creation of outfits for players to wear.

The code for world generation is written by Clockwork Labs and runs in Unity. The procedural generation creates the raw geography and populates the world with resources and points of interest, with biomes arranged manually. The maps and player data will be stored server-side, with the world being finite but able to be extended by adding additional landmass when required. The aim of this is to enable trade between regions, with resources only available in specific areas.

Players will be able to mix and match clothing pieces, which will be crafted within the game. The Claim Totem will be a placeable structure that can be constructed to protect an area from both the elements and other players’ encroaching “home renovations.” To maintain their claim status, players must work to keep their totem in good condition.

Bitcraft will only be available on its official server, but the developers are keeping the roleplaying crowd in mind when designing the game. They also plan to add non-verbal communication to support roleplay. The team is exploring wind direction as a sailing mechanic to make it more interesting, and they are also considering different sizes of ships. Additionally, players will be able to leave in-game writings such as letters, notes, scrolls, and books.

The game is still in its pre-alpha phase, and testers are being selected randomly from the list of people who signed up on the BitCraft website. The developers are preparing to invite several thousand testers in the near future but are currently facing 752,000 applicants. Overall, the answers from the developers provide a glimpse into the game’s mechanics and give players a better idea of what to expect when BitCraft is eventually released.

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