"Runes of Magic" Introduces New Update: Shadows Over the Altar 1

“Runes of Magic” Introduces New Update: Shadows Over the Altar

“Runes of Magic” has announced an upcoming update set to launch on April 25, titled “Shadows Over the Altar.” This update will feature a new, more challenging version of the Mystic Altar designed for high-level players seeking to test their skills against tougher opposition.

The Mystic Altar is located in the Ystra Highlands near Snowhorn and will require players to have both character classes at level 100 with Peak Levels unlocked. Additionally, participants must have accepted the “Knowledge of the Ancestors” quest from Shamar to enter.

Players familiar with the Mystic Altar will recognize the enemies, who return stronger and equipped with new attacks and tactics. The update introduces seven bosses, including a new adversary, “Aukuda the Hero,” adding a fresh challenge to the roster.

Rewards for overcoming these bosses are significant. Players can collect Mystic’s Accessories, offering powerful new stats and set bonuses that cater to various attributes such as Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Strength, and Stamina.

Other benefits include a daily quest provided by the new NPC, Adventurer Loric, located at the entrance of the instance. Additional rewards for completing the challenges of the Mystic Altar include new titles, peak experience points, and more.

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