Pearl Abyss Introduces New Enhancement System in Black Desert Online 1

Pearl Abyss Introduces New Enhancement System in Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss announced a significant update to the gear enhancement system in Black Desert Online with the introduction of the “Ancient Anvil.” This new feature offers a guaranteed enhancement after a certain number of failed attempts, marking a notable shift towards improving player experience.

Under the new system, when players fail at enhancing their gear, they will accumulate “Agris Essences.” Once they reach a specific number of these essences, the “Ancient Anvil” activates, ensuring a successful enhancement on their next attempt.

The essence accumulation is item-specific; however, weapons and armor that are part of the same group and share the same enhancement level can pool their essences. For instance, essences obtained from an unsuccessful enhancement on a “TET Blackstar Greatsword” could be used for a “TET Blackstar Crossbow.” In contrast, accessories such as the “Deboreka Necklace” will accumulate essences that are exclusive to each item and cannot be shared with other accessory types or even within the same group.

This update is part of a series of improvements aimed at enhancing user satisfaction. Earlier this month, Pearl Abyss expanded the musical capabilities accessible to all player classes and introduced new musical instruments, a new spring outfit called “Primavera,” and a giveaway event featuring J’s Hammer of Precision.

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