RuneScape Announces Exciting Woodcutting Expansion With 'Woodcutters' Grove - Fort Forinthry Season Update' 1

RuneScape Announces Exciting Woodcutting Expansion With ‘Woodcutters’ Grove – Fort Forinthry Season Update’

RuneScape has announced its newest seasonal update, the ‘Woodcutters’ Grove – Fort Forinthry’, a feature that will allow players to set up their own Grove to supply their Fort with raw materials. The update will also introduce new mechanics and features to the game’s Woodcutting skill.

In this new update, players will partner with Oak, a Lumberjack/Grovekeeper, to establish a Grove just outside the Fort’s gates. The Grove serves as a means to bolster the Fort’s supply with lumber, giving players a valuable resource to improve their defenses.

The Woodcutters’ Grove offers a new area adjacent to the Fort, featuring a range of trees from regular to Elder types, making it a convenient space for players to enhance their Woodcutting levels from 1-99. Furthermore, it will serve as a resource hub for creating new planks and wooden frames.

A new tool called the ‘Imcando Hatchet’, a T80 Augmentable Hatchet, can also be acquired once players unlock Tier 3 of the Grove. Fragments of the hatchet can be found in bird’s nests and can be pieced together with Thurgo’s assistance.

The update also introduces a fresh set of features, including:

  • The introduction of Wood Boxes, designed for wood storage, that can be upgraded from Basic to Elder using previous-tier materials and logs.
  • Log Piles for depositing logs directly into your bank.
  • Automatic collection of Bird’s Nests, with higher-tier seeds available in Tier 3.
  • Access to a Fairy Ring and Tree Patch in Tier 2 for easy transportation and tree growth.

To further enhance the gameplay, the Woodcutting skill has received a significant update. The Woodcutting Experience Rates have been rebalanced, and the requirements for hatchets have been re-tiered for a smoother leveling experience. New updates have been introduced to make different trees more useful for various goals.

Players can expect the update to go live on June 19th. To get started with the Woodcutter’s Grove, players will need to have completed ‘Unwelcome Guests’ and built a Tier 1 Guardhouse.

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