New World Season 2: 'Blood of the Sands' New Revamped PvP Reward Track and Intriguing New Arena Design 1

New World Season 2: ‘Blood of the Sands’ New Revamped PvP Reward Track and Intriguing New Arena Design

The team behind New World has announced a significant update to the game’s player-versus-player (PvP) system, providing a revamped reward track and introducing an intriguing new arena map in the forthcoming Season 2: Blood of the Sands.

The announcement, made on the latest Forged in Aeternum, reveals the introduction of a new PvP reward track designed to maximize player engagement with the upcoming PvP content. The revised track offers exclusive new emotes, weapons, and armor for players participating in their preferred PvP activities.

Notably, the revamped PvP Reward Track will introduce more Named items, Umbral, and Gypsum earlier on in the track, aiming to offer better and more frequent equipment and resources throughout a player’s PvP progression.

In terms of new rewards, players can look forward to acquiring a range of Prestige Jewelry, 600 Gear Score Prestige weapons, and armor. The update includes a variety of Predator weapons, ranging from the ‘Predator’s Brand’ Longsword to the ‘Predator’s Hollow Grip’ Void Gauntlet. Armor categories feature Grand Overseer (light armor), Grand Undertaker (medium armor), and Grand Dominator (heavy armor). A quartet of new emotes, namely Doff Cap, Traffic Guide, Facepalm, and Something Stinks, will offer further opportunities for players to express themselves within the game.

Adding to the excitement, the developers also unveiled a new 3v3 Arenas map, inspired by the theme of ‘Blood and Sand.’ The brainchild of Combat Designer Matthew Nickerson, the new map promises to be a dynamic gladiator-themed arena set within a vast sand pit. The map’s design seeks to provide a more engaging experience for both ranged and melee players, boasting a three-tiered vertical layout that offers various angles and positional advantages.

Nickerson explained, “We wanted to deliver a far more dynamic experience… The idea for a new map originated when we saw the roadmap feedback from PvP players. I’m extremely proud of our hard-working team for making it happen.”

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