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RuneScape Rolls Out “Housing of Parliament Quest” and Welcomes Double XP Week

RuneScape Rolls Out “Housing of Parliament Quest” and Welcomes Double XP Week

RuneScape adventurers are gearing up for an eventful week as the game introduces the “Housing of Parliament Quest” alongside the much-anticipated return of Double XP LIVE. The latest game update, announced on RuneScape’s official website, promises a blend of lore, skill enhancement, and community engagement.

Exploring the City of Um with the Housing of Parliament Quest

The mystical allure of the City of Um beckons once more with a new quest that takes players into the heart of its enigmatic landscape. The “Housing of Parliament” quest promises to engage adventurers in tasks that will not only transform a quiet corner of the town but also reward them with a newly introduced type of Gemstone. As players venture through the quest, they will encounter updated glyphs and the chance to secure a coveted pet upgrade. Additionally, whispers of a legendary figure making an appearance have sparked excitement among the community, with promises of rare wares and enthralling stories from the past.

Double XP LIVE Returns to Boost Skills

Set to commence on February 16th, Double XP LIVE offers players a golden opportunity to advance their skills at an accelerated pace. Over the course of 10 days, participants will enjoy 48 hours of Double XP, which they can utilize flexibly to maximize their gains across various skills. The event reintroduces DXP Tokens, which players can acquire through DXP Spirits or by converting up to 10,000 Proteans daily. These tokens can be exchanged for valuable items, including stars, skilling outfit pieces, and more, further enhancing the DXP LIVE experience.

DXP Marketplace Bundles: A Treasure Trove for Skillers

In anticipation of the Double XP event, RuneScape has unveiled DXP Item and Daily Bundles, available for purchase with bonds. These bundles are packed with skilling essentials, ranging from Protean Packs to Prismatic Stars, Pulse Cores, and exclusive DXP Tokens. The Daily Bundle, in particular, promises a continuous supply of items throughout the event, making it an indispensable resource for players looking to make the most of Double XP LIVE.

Community Engagement Through Livestreams and Events

RuneScape’s commitment to its community is evident through its lineup of livestreams and player events. Upcoming streams include an in-depth discussion on quest requirements and the opportunity for viewers to engage directly with the game’s developers. Additionally, the Treasure Hunter Calendar introduces the “Foresight to Train” event, coinciding with Double XP LIVE to provide players with extra motivation and rewards.

Patch Notes and Community Highlights

This week’s update also brings a host of fixes and improvements, from the introduction of the Housing of Parliament quest to enhancements in necromancy and gameplay mechanics. The community section of the update shines a spotlight on player achievements and creativity, showcasing the vibrant and engaged RuneScape community.