Gloria Victis Update 359 Unleashes New Guild Raid Event, Werewolf Quest, and More! 1

Gloria Victis Update 359 Unleashes New Guild Raid Event, Werewolf Quest, and More!

In the latest update for Gloria Victis, players are in for a treat with the introduction of exciting new content. The developers have been hard at work over the past few weeks, bringing forth a plethora of fresh features and improvements to enhance the gaming experience. Update 359 includes a new guild raid event called “The Banished Crusade,” a captivating Werewolf quest, an expansion of the carrying feature, additional guild technologies, and numerous fixes and optimizations.

One of the major highlights of this update is the new guild raid event, “The Banished Crusade.” Players will need to showcase exceptional teamwork and cooperation to overcome the challenges presented in this raid. To gain access to the raid, guilds must achieve 125% guild activity and receive a special token at the end of the summary week. Each nation has its own entrance to the instance located in their homeland territory.

Alongside the guild raid, players will also embark on an intriguing new quest centered around the Werewolf. By engaging in this questline, players will uncover the history of the Werewolf and delve into the mysterious world of lycanthropy. To start the quest, players must interact with an NPC situated at Pilgrims Rock, initiating a captivating journey of discovery.

The carrying feature has also received significant expansion in this update. Players can now replenish their arrows from barrels or the warehouse, similar to the existing stone replenishment mechanic. However, arrows in the barrel will no longer restore automatically, requiring players to proactively replenish them. Arrows can be replenished at the nearest towers of the gatehouse and in the fort keep. Furthermore, new containers for arrows and stones have been added to the wooden keeps found in the forts.

The update introduces changes to guild technologies as well. Previously limited to activating only three technologies, guilds can now activate all available technologies without any restrictions. Additionally, two new technologies have been introduced: War Logistician and Veteran of Edring. War Logistician decreases teleportation time to loot zone locations and reduces unstuck time to the closest location on the loot zone. Veteran of Edring diminishes the durability damage on items after receiving a hit.

To further incentivize guild activity, the update introduces new reward stages tied to guild activity percentage. As guilds reach specific milestones, such as 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%, they receive various rewards, including keys to Griffin camp, key for the Werewolf, Siege Tokens, and more.

In terms of visual enhancements, the update brings new ambient effects in the form of dust particles. These particle effects contribute to a more immersive atmosphere and can be observed across different biomes. Players can enable weather effects in the in-game options to fully experience this visual enhancement.

Quality of life improvements have also been implemented, such as enhanced guild announcements in edit mode, improved door synchronization, and an improved party looting queue. Additionally, various fixes have been made, addressing issues such as NPCs blocking with a bow, graphical glitches, quest-related bugs, and problems with spawning NPCs for quests and events.

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