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Shadowlands Alpha Information – Models, Armor, Dungeons, Class Info and More

Vast amounts of information has been datamined from the Shadowlands alpha, and has been shared on WoWHead, MMO-Champion and other WoW sites.

Below we have gathered the different Shadowlands Alpha posts.


Shadowlands Dungeon & Raid Bosses

Shadowlands Music

Shadowlands Profession Changes

Shadowlands Maps

Shadowlands New Icons


Shadowlands Creature and Weapon Models

Shadowlands Armor Sets

Shadowlands Eye and Makeup Customization

Shadowlands Kyrian NPC Models

Shadowlands Armor, Helms and Shoulders

Shadowlands Covenant Cloaks

Shadowlands Weapon Models

Shadowlands Character Models

Shadowlands Mount Models

Class Changes

Shadowlands Death Knight Runeforging

Shadowlands AoE Abilities

Shadowlands Class Abilities and Changes

Shadowlands Paladin Changes

Shadowlands Rogue Changes

Shadowlands Warlock Changes

Shadowlands Warrior Changes

Shadowlands Demon Hunter Changes

Shadowlands Monk Changes

Shadowlands Priest Changes

Shadowlands Hunter Changes

Shadowlands Class Changes

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