CCP Games Announces 2024 Roadmap for EVE Online: New Expansions and EVE Vanguard Map on the Horizon 1

CCP Games Announces 2024 Roadmap for EVE Online: New Expansions and EVE Vanguard Map on the Horizon

CCP Games, the creators of the renowned spacefaring MMO EVE Online, have unveiled an ambitious 12-month development roadmap for 2024, promising a year filled with innovative expansions and groundbreaking updates. EVE Online players, commonly known as capsuleers, can expect a thrilling journey with two major content expansions and a new map for EVE Vanguard, the game’s upcoming first-person shooter module.

The first of the two planned expansions is aiming to revolutionize the EVE universe, offering capsuleers unprecedented control and customization opportunities. Players will delve into the unexplored null security systems, discovering and capitalizing on new resources. This expansion is not just about exploration; it’s about leaving a personal mark in the vastness of space. CCP Games is introducing a feature allowing players to design their own ship SKINs. This builds on the SKINR system from the EVE Online: Viridian expansion, taking personal expression to new heights.

EVE Online’s unique corporate system is also getting a significant boost. The upcoming expansion will enhance Corporation Projects, making them a central aspect of corporate life in New Eden. These projects will feature more diversified tasks, customizable goals, and deeper ties to the game’s events and economy. Corporations can now create tasks for non-members, offering a dynamic recruitment avenue and new opportunities for players to increase their standings and earnings.

In a move that will excite fans of first-person shooter gameplay, CCP Games is also developing a new map for EVE Vanguard, the integrated FPS module of EVE Online. This map will allow players to explore uncharted planetary surfaces, expanding the game’s universe into ground-based actions. This development marks the beginning of a symbiotic relationship between spacefaring and planetary exploration, promising to have far-reaching effects on the New Eden universe.

“2024 promises to unveil never-before-seen frontiers for our pilots to pioneer,” said Snorri Árnason, Game Director for EVE Online. Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason added, “This year, our focus is to expand the core foundations of EVE Online – conflict, identity, and community.”

The first expansion is scheduled for release in Q2 2024, with the second expansion set to further enhance the themes of conflict, identity, and community. Full details of the second expansion will be revealed later in the year.

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