Star Trek Online Teases New Task Force Operation 1

Star Trek Online Teases New Task Force Operation

Star Trek Online has teased a new Task Force Operation (TFO) in an update from Senior Systems Designer John Hegner. The TFO, which is set to be released “soon”, will focus on a story involving Admiral Leeta and a group of Starfleet security personnel, as well as Section 31 agents.

The TFO is based on an after-action report submitted by Admiral Leeta regarding an encounter with the Terran Inquisitor, a member of the Terran Empire, over the planet Pahvo. The Inquisitor revealed to Leeta that they had a plan in place to deal with the Other, a mysterious entity that has been causing problems for the Federation and the Empire.

Read the full teaser for the TFO on the offcial STO website.

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