Tarisland Begins Closed Beta Phase Today 1

Tarisland Begins Closed Beta Phase Today

Tarisland have announced the initiation of a Closed Beta phase starting June 27, 2023. In this phase, players from select regions including Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom will be able to access the game on Android. Simultaneously, PC players worldwide will also gain entry to this new world. Registrations for the Closed Beta have opened on the official Tarisland website.

The Closed Beta phase promises an immersive experience as players explore diverse landscapes such as Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, and the Misty Forest, complete with unique storylines and quests. Seven distinct character classes will be available for selection, each playing a vital role as players team up to conquer raids and dungeons.

A special event awaits players seeking to etch their names in the history of Taris. The first team of 10 to vanquish the four dungeon bosses will be rewarded with exclusive Closed Beta titles. In addition to these adventures, players will have the chance to master five crafting professions, enter the Arena or Battlegrounds, and even challenge the World Bosses if they dare.

Tarisland developers emphasize their commitment to a fair and sustainable game ecosystem. Notably, they are excluding pay-to-win elements and stat-boosting items from their in-game shop.

The game’s cross-play and cross-progression feature ensures seamless gaming experience across PC and mobile platforms. Moreover, the PC version will also boast a customizable interface.

Tarisland is scheduled for an official release on iOS, Android, and PC later this year. For the latest updates on the game, interested players can visit the official website or follow their official social media channels.

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