Star Wars: The Old Republic Confirms Move to Broadsword 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic Confirms Move to Broadsword

In an impassioned message to fans, Keith Kanneg, the Executive Producer of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ (SWTOR), shared details on the game’s future and its move to Broadsword Studios. He assured players that the transition heralds an era of growth and expansion for the much-loved Star Wars game, now nearing its 12-year anniversary.

“I absolutely love this game. Even after almost 12 years, I see so much room for growth and so much potential in SWTOR,” Kanneg stated in his letter to fans.

He acknowledged the difficulties associated with change but expressed confidence that Broadsword Studios was the right choice to carry forward the legacy of SWTOR. Kanneg, who has been a part of the SWTOR team since before its launch, is set to move to Broadsword along with key team leaders and the majority of the current team.

The team’s resilience and dedication were evident in their recent delivery of the impressive update 7.2 Showdown on Ruhnuk, even amidst significant changes. The update also introduced technological improvements including a faster launcher, a 64-bit client, and Cloud Game Servers.

Kanneg extended his gratitude to EA and BioWare for their support and contributions over the years and commended Lucasfilm Games for their valuable collaboration.

While eager to share future plans for game improvements and direction, Kanneg assured fans that current plans remain unchanged. He highlighted the recent rollout of Game Update 7.3: Old Wounds, which brought the largest story update in months and a new flashpoint story on the planet Voss, unvisited since the KOTET expansion in 2016.

Looking ahead, the release of Game Update 7.3.1 will introduce the next Galactic Season. Details of the following Game Update 7.4, set to continue the storyline from Old Wounds, are anticipated eagerly by fans.

“Stay tuned for details on Game Update 7.4, where players will see the story continue following the events of Old Wounds. And there’s even more on the horizon,” Kanneg promised, assuring regular updates on the official SWTOR website and forums.

“May the Force be with you,” signed off Kanneg, capturing the sentiment of anticipation and hope for the future of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

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