Tarisland Kicks Off Chinese Test Phase and Offers A Glimpse into the 'Library of Chaos' Dungeon 1

Tarisland Kicks Off Chinese Test Phase and Offers A Glimpse into the ‘Library of Chaos’ Dungeon

Tarisland has initiated its testing phase in China, according to an announcement made on the game’s official Discord channel. The developers conveyed their enthusiasm for the test’s commencement and acknowledged that not all interested players have the opportunity to participate at this stage. To bridge this gap, a new Discord channel has been introduced for sharing updates and content directly from the test phase.

The game’s team encourages the community to express their preferences regarding the type of content they wish to see, with promises to post screenshots and information in the “jeyas-journey” channel. This initiative aims to involve the community in the game’s development process by soliciting feedback and preferences on the content shared.

Furthermore, the Tarisland YouTube channel released a video titled “Dungeon Overview——Library of Chaos,” offering viewers a preview of one of the game’s dungeons. In this dungeon, players experience a transformation into little lambs to collaborate in defeating the dungeon’s antagonist, the Library Director Silno. This scenario illustrates the game’s inventive and engaging dungeon design, aiming to provide a unique and immersive experience for players.

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