Warframe Expansion "Dante Unbound" to Launch Across All Platforms 1

Warframe Expansion “Dante Unbound” to Launch Across All Platforms

Digital Extremes has announced the release of the “Dante Unbound” expansion for Warframe, set to become available on all platforms on March 27. This update introduces a new Warframe, Dante, alongside a series of new missions and gameplay elements, expanding the options for players to explore and engage with the game’s universe.

The centerpiece of this expansion is Dante, a new Warframe characterized by his deep connection to lore and history, as well as a unique set of abilities that benefit both individual players and their teams. His skill set ranges from the defensive Light Verse to the offensive Dark Verse, demonstrating a flexible approach to combat.

Alongside the introduction of Dante, the expansion offers the Dante Collection, which includes the Warframe itself, the Ruvox Melee Weapon, and various cosmetic items. This collection allows players to immediately access Dante and his signature gear upon purchase.

“Dante Unbound” adds new mission types to the game, such as Entrati Disruption, where players are tasked with defending against enemies while managing objectives. Another addition is Deep Archimedea, a challenging sequence of missions requiring strategic planning and execution.

The expansion also brings a rework to the Warframe Inaros, aiming to enhance his gameplay mechanics. Additionally, new Augments for various Warframes are introduced, offering players more customization options for their characters.

Included in the update are new TennoGen items, designed by the community, which introduce new cosmetic options for players. Quality of life improvements, such as the Archon Shard Ascent and changes to Kubrow Fur textures, are also part of the update, aimed at enhancing the overall player experience.

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