The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy 1

The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy

Everquest is celebrating its 22nd birthday these days, making it one of the longest-running MMORPGs out there. In those 22 years, there has been a huge amount of Everquest-related merch, gear, and collectibles released over the years.

In this post, we have gathered our favorite EQ merch that is currently available for you to buy online.

Keith Parkinson Art

Many Everquest fans will know the name, Keith Parkinson. He was the guy who painted the iconic cover for the original Everquest and a few of its first expansions. He also did concept art for Everquest and later for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Keith sadly passed away in 2005 but his online shop is still being run by his wife.

All the original Everquest sketches are sold out in the shop, but there are some really great prints and posters. All sold items are left up in the shop so you can still take a look at all the great sketches and originals. Sometimes the sketches end up on eBay if you are really serious about getting a piece of gaming history on your wall.

The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy 2
A sketch for the Scars of Velious expansion by Keith Parkinson

Books, Comics & Strategy Guides

There’s not a huge amount of printed Everquest material, but there are a few books made set in the world of Norrath.

In 2001 a Ruins of Kunark comic was released featuring the work of the legendary Jim Lee. The comic is pretty rare but can be found on eBay if you’re lucky.

The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy 3

In 2002 the Everquest Role-playing game was released by White Wolf. Quite a few books was released for the game, some of which are still available on Amazon.

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Four novels were also released between 2004 and 2006 set in the Everquest universe. The Ocean of Tears, Truth and Steel, Blood Red Harp and The Rogue’s Hour. I have been able to find them all except Blood Red Harp for sale online.


Official Everquest t-shirts are hard to come by, but luckily there are a bunch of good fan-made ones on Redbubble. Below are some of our favorites.

Spin Off Games

When you need a break from Everquest, why not break out the old Playstation 2 and play some Champions of Norrath, or get some RTS action in Lords of Everquest.

Action Figures, Statues & Toys

We can’t talk about collectibles without talking about action figures and toys.

A range of Everquest action figures has been released. Everything from a creature pack including a rock spiderling and an undead froglok to a Dark Elf Magician and of course Firiona Vie.

Check out this post on the Everquest Show website for a full overview.

The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy 9

Posters & Maps

Everquest posters and maps used to be included in various physical copies of Everquest through the years, some of which are available on eBay. In this post, we will highlight some great fan-made creations.

First off there is PixelPerks on Etsy who makes hand-drawn versions of the legendary Everquest map

The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy 10

Then we have SubquestDesignCo, also on Etsy, who makes some really cool illustrations of the various class epic weapons.

Finally, we have something really special. The Timber Owl (Instagram) specializes in making wooden signs and has made some fantastic signs from actual in-game signs in Everquest.

Vinyl Soundtrack

Last year, a limited edition Everquest soundtrack was released on vinyl. It sold out quickly and fans looking to get a hold of this collector’s item will have to head over to eBay where it’s selling for a few hundred dollars at the moment.

The Best Everquest Merch Money Can Buy 19

Are we missing something in our list of Everquest Merch? Let us know in the comments along with what your rares Everquest collectible is.

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