Old School RuneScape New Updates: Sailing Skill, Desert Treasure II Progress, and Bounty Hunter Revamp – May 2023 Gielinor Gazette Report 1

Old School RuneScape New Updates: Sailing Skill, Desert Treasure II Progress, and Bounty Hunter Revamp – May 2023 Gielinor Gazette Report

Old School RuneScape’s developers, Jagex, has revealed a host of new updates and changes coming to the game in the Gielinor Gazette May 2023 edition.

One of the main highlights is the introduction of a new skill – Sailing. Despite initial skepticism due to the complexity of making boats move in a non-instanced area, Jagex has successfully unveiled an early prototype. The developers assured the community that the final version will be more comprehensive and will continue to work closely with players to refine the new skill.

In other news, the much-awaited sequel to the legendary quest, Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire, continues its development. Feedback from playtesters is being utilized to improve the gameplay, especially around the four new bosses. A second beta for the Ruinous Powers Prayer Book is also being prepared, based on player feedback.

The player-favorite PvP minigame, Bounty Hunter, has also returned. The team has been busy addressing feedback and making changes such as increasing the re-entry timer, adjusting the Penalty Timer, adding Perdu to the Bounty Hunter lobby, and tweaking other game mechanics.

Forestry: Way of the Forester, a Woodcutting expansion, is set to launch soon. Engine updates are allowing for more exciting behind-the-scenes action, with a Forestry Beta planned for June 5th.

Quality of Life Polls continue to be an integral part of Old School RuneScape, with developers considering player feedback for potential changes in the Tombs of Amascut. The next QoL poll may focus on these changes, along with considering feedback on the Blood and Soul Rune Packs and Splash Weapons topics.

For mobile players, while the release of the Mobile TLI newspost was delayed, the developers shared that a comprehensive insight into the new mobile interface will be released soon.

The Jagex Accounts Open Beta has seen over 40,000 Jagex Accounts created so far. Recent updates include allowing up to 20 characters on a Jagex Account and facilitating the importing of more characters. Upcoming features include a system to reorder characters.

In an effort to create more clarity in the team, Content Developers will now be divided into four design disciplines: Game Design, Narrative Design, Systems Design, and Technical Design.

Finally, Jagex is calling all players to take part in the Narrative Survey, regardless of how deep their interest in lore is. The feedback will guide future plans and verify whether the developers are on the right track with their narrative work.

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