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TitanReach In Need Of Funding To Continue Development

Square Root Studios recently made an announcement on the Titan Reach website that the company is in need of funding to continue the development of the game.

A supporter store has been opened for Titan Reach where players can buy credits that they will be able to spend in the game at a later time. The rewards will be similar to those offered in the Kickstarter campaign.

A limited time 50% bonus to credit is in effect until January 5th.

Should Square Root Studios fail in bringing in $30K by January 5th, the whole project will be shut down and backers will be refunded.

This is the last hoo-rah for us, if we don’t get enough funds to cover our development through Jan and Feb until we acquire real funding, then it’s all over. Without funding now, we can not cover the costs of continued development (server and software costs) and the team will fall apart. We aren’t making some small 2D RPG which can be made by one person in their spare time, we need a team of people, working full time in order to make any real progress, and there’s a limit to how long you can make that happen for free.

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