Pantheon Crafting Intro

Two New Videos On The Pantheon Youtube Channel – Roundtable with CEO Chris Rowan & An Intro To Crafting

Two new videos has been released on the Pantheon Youtube channel in the last couple of days.

First up was the Crafting & Gathering Introduction where a new face showed up. Nephele who joined the Pantheon team back in November to work on the crafting system.

In the video the team goes through the basics of crafting and gathering and crafts a few items and answers questions from the fans.

Judging from the comment section players were also excited after listening to the January Dev Roundtable with CEO of Visionary Realms, Chris Rowan.

Chris goes through his history of working on the Playstation project at Sony to his time working with Brad McQuaid at Sigil.

He also talks about some of Pantheons features, about the pre-alpha and upcoming alpha and reassures fans that the team is fully commited to delivering the game they have been waiting for.

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