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War of Dragnorox: June Update Showcases Significant Progress

War of Dragnorox: June Update Showcases Significant Progress

War of Dragnorox has broken its recent silence with a substantial June update. Creative Director Josh Caba took to the official website to reassure fans that silence does not mean stagnation, but rather, significant progress in the game’s development.

Among the notable achievements outlined in the update, the team has successfully completed two full dungeon builds and fleshed out the entire leveling process. They’ve also addressed bugs regarding looting corpse issues, crafting components, and inventory system, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The game’s technical backbone has also seen some impressive advancements, with server infrastructure and queue systems ready to facilitate gameplay across multiple servers and regions. The team has also fine-tuned the display and stats for armor and rectified issues concerning trade.

Perhaps one of the most tantalizing hints in Caba’s update was the mention of the “Operation” prototype and the DM system deployment to internal systems, which promises exciting gameplay mechanics in the future.

Caba concluded his message on an optimistic note, hinting at the exciting and unique gameplay systems that the team has been working on. He thanked the community for their continued support and urged them to join the official discord channel for queries and updates.