Eternal Tombs, Previously Titled War of Dragnorox, Begins Closed Beta Testing Phase 1

Eternal Tombs, Previously Titled War of Dragnorox, Begins Closed Beta Testing Phase

Triune Studios has officially announced the commencement of the closed beta testing for its innovative MMORPG, Eternal Tombs, formerly known as War of Dragnorox. This announcement comes two years after the initial reveal of the game, marking a significant milestone in its development. Scheduled to start on April 2, 2024, the beta phase is a critical step towards the game’s anticipated launch in 2025.

Eternal Tombs distinguishes itself from traditional MMORPGs by incorporating elements reminiscent of tabletop role-playing games. A unique feature of the game is the role of Tomb Masters, akin to Dungeon Masters in Dungeons & Dragons, who dynamically shape the game’s environment by orchestrating events and altering the world in real-time. This approach offers players a novel and immersive experience, allowing for a high degree of interaction and personal impact on the game’s universe.

The game promises a sandbox experience, free from the constraints of linear gameplay, enabling players to forge their own paths and stories within the expansive world. Adding to its appeal, Eternal Tombs will be launched as a microtransaction-free game, relying instead on a traditional purchase and subscription model for monetization. This strategy emphasizes the game’s commitment to providing a fair and engaging experience for all players, where progress is earned through gameplay rather than purchased with real money.

Interested participants can sign up for the closed beta testing without any purchase requirement, a move that underscores Triune Studios’ confidence in Eternal Tombs and its desire to engage with the community. This phase of testing represents a significant opportunity for players to experience the game’s unique features firsthand and contribute to its final polish before the official release.

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