Wonders Of Gond Returns To Neverwinter 1

Wonders Of Gond Returns To Neverwinter

There always seems to be plenty of things going on in Neverwinter, and this week marks the return of the Wonders of Gond event which will be live from September 9th until the 16th. The event only runs on console at the moment but will be back on the PC version in October.

During the event, you can earn a selection of valuable and unique rewards including;

  • Bore Worm (Time limited event mount)
  • Apparatus of Gond Mount
  • Embellished Apparatus of Gond Mount
  • Blacksmith fashion set

For a full set of rules and rewards for the event, visit the official Neverwinter site.

For players thinking of returning to Neverwinter, you can read our review of the latest module Jewel of the North here.

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