AdventureQuest 3D Unveils Player-Requested Features and New Fan Favorites 1

AdventureQuest 3D Unveils Player-Requested Features and New Fan Favorites

AdventureQuest 3D (AQ3D) has announced a range of new features and content updates, based largely on community feedback, signaling an exciting time for players of the popular MMORPG. The new features include the ability to sheath weapons, an addition that was highly requested by players, and the return of the popular Screenshot Saturday event.

Starting today, players can now sheath their weapons as per a long-standing request from the community. The update aims to increase immersion and interaction within the game. The sheathing function can be accessed through the settings menu, via the “/sheathe” command, or by binding a hotkey to the sheath function (PC only). It should be noted, however, that certain weapons like bows and specific dual equipped items (e.g., sword and shield) cannot be sheathed.

With the new sheathing feature in place, the AQ3D team is also bringing back the popular Screenshot Saturday. Given the incredible response to the last Screenshot Saturday, with over 900 submissions, the team has decided to hold another contest. This time around, it’s Screenshot Sheathurday. Players are encouraged to take screenshots of their characters with sheathed weapons and share them for a chance to win.

In addition to these updates, AQ3D developers are taking player feedback very seriously. The team has been meticulously organizing all player suggestions and comments from past years to the present day. Once the process is complete, the AQ3D team will address the feedback and discuss what can be implemented into the game.

With summer on the horizon, AQ3D is preparing to launch a new range of in-game swimsuits and battle bikinis. These fashionable items, which offer protection similar to chainmail armor, will allow players to enjoy the summer season in the game, whether they’re at the beach or fishing.

While new content is coming, some current items are about to leave the AQ3D shops. The Golden Vampragon Pet, which is free to all players, and the May Promo Item will be leaving the game. The servers will go down on June 1st for the new release, which will also introduce the new June Promo Item. The May the 4th event content is also set to leave on June 7th.

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