New AQ3D Game Features Revealed: Guild System, Player Housing, and More 1

New AQ3D Game Features Revealed: Guild System, Player Housing, and More

Artix Entertainment is poised to take AQ3D (AdventureQuest 3D) to the next level, with a number of new features and content updates in the pipeline. The behind-the-scenes details of this popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game were recently revealed on their official website.

The upcoming updates encompass a variety of game features, including significant improvements to the Guild System, the introduction of Player Housing, and the launch of a new Item Enhancement System called Augments.

New Guild System Update

AQ3D’s Guild System is receiving a major overhaul. The soon-to-be-introduced features will allow players to create their own guilds or join existing ones, earn Guild XP, level up their Guild to unlock benefits, receive Guild Power Buffs like bonus XP and gold, and monitor the activity of guildmates with a ‘Last Online’ feature. A monthly leaderboard will also be introduced to highlight high-performing guilds. While there is no firm release date yet, the development team promises to share updates as soon as possible.

Player Housing

Player Housing, a feature eagerly awaited by the AQ3D community, will allow players to own and personalize their in-game homes. From cozy cottages to magnificent castles, players will be able to customize their residences with various furniture, decorations, and items reflective of their in-game adventures. Although still in the concept phase, the team is committed to keeping players updated about its progress.

Augment System

Artix is also introducing a new Item Enhancement System called Augments. The system is aimed at providing more customization options to players by adding unique bonuses to gear. Augments will affect six core stats of a player’s gear, allowing for a higher level of complexity and strategy in the game. The new system is currently in the testing phase, and more details will be released as they become available.

Social Media and Website Update

In addition to these game updates, Artix Entertainment has launched the official AQ3D Instagram account to share in-game highlights, memes, and more. AQ3D creators Despair and Lankey will also be producing engaging videos for YouTube and TikTok. Lastly, a significant revamp of the website is in progress, with the aim of providing a more user-friendly and interactive platform for players to explore the game’s features.

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