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Awakening Update Unleashed for Woosa Class in Black Desert Online with Host of Events

Awakening Update Unleashed for Woosa Class in Black Desert Online with Host of Events

Pearl Abyss has unveiled the Awakening of the Woosa class in Black Desert Online. The update brings a new weapon and a unique combat style for Woosa. To mark the occasion, Pearl Abyss is hosting an assortment of in-game events offering Adventurers the chance to win desirable items, including the coveted “Garmoth’s Heart.”

Woosa, now awakened, draws power from the Seocheon Flower Garden, a realm of the afterlife rooted in Korean mythology. Her new weapon, the “Soul Tome,” a book binding a collection of charms, allows her to summon spiritual flowers that deliver potent area-of-effect attacks.

The Awakening introduces four distinct skills to Woosa’s combat arsenal:

  • “Blooming Death – Flow: River’s End” opens the doors of the netherworld to unleash the power absorbed by the Sari Flowers upon her enemies.
  • “Mark of the Moon” enables her to inscribe the moon’s song into the soul tome and unleash it as an attack.
  • “Soul Cleanse” casts a spell to cleanse tainted souls with the help of the Sari Flowers.
  • “Moonlit Blast” summons a sun-like moon and Sari Flowers around Woosa, causing the flowers to explode and inflict damage.

In celebration of Woosa’s Awakening, Black Desert Online is hosting numerous in-game events. Adventurers who successfully awaken Woosa through her questline can earn Secret Scrolls of Black Butterfly. Also, the Black Spirit offers the quest “Application of Power” which demands Adventurers to defeat 500 monsters. Successful completion of this quest will reward Adventurers with Boxes of Relics, containing an array of lucrative items like Garmoth’s Heart, Vell’s Concentrated Magic, Remnants of Rifts, Boss Gear, and more.