AION Classic Release Delayed to April 25th Due to Technical Issues 1

AION Classic Release Delayed to April 25th Due to Technical Issues

AION Classic’s release date has been delayed by a few weeks due to some technical issues, according to a recent announcement made by the AION team. The game was originally scheduled to launch on April 11th, but it has now been postponed to April 25th.

The delay was attributed to technical difficulties that were encountered during the recent migration of AION Live to the Gameforge client. The team is working hard to fix the remaining issues and prepare for the Classic launch, but they want to ensure that the experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The AION team recognizes that game delays can be frustrating for players, especially when they are eagerly anticipating a game’s release. However, they believe that this short delay will allow them to apply the necessary measures based on the learnings from the Live migration, which they think will greatly improve the release of Classic.

The team assures players that they are continuing to work diligently on the game, and they thank everyone for their patience. They will keep players updated through their official channels, and they are committed to providing the best possible experience for AION Classic players when the game finally launches on April 25th.

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