AION Classic Now Available in Europe, Featuring Balancing Updates and Quality of Life Improvements! 1

AION Classic Now Available in Europe, Featuring Balancing Updates and Quality of Life Improvements!

After much anticipation, AION Classic has finally been launched on the European server. This game version has been designed to appeal to both new and old players, offering a fresh start in the world of Atreia, while reliving the nostalgia of the original. With additional balancing updates and quality of life improvements, AION Classic is bound to provide a fantastic gaming experience for all.

To accommodate the high number of players, a second server, Tahabata, has been opened, and players are recommended to join this server if they are just starting. The game offers a range of content to explore, including the iconic Dark Poeta and Baranath Dredgion instances, crafting a wide variety of useful items and weapons, and experiencing amazing PvE content.

Players can choose between the Elyos and Asmodians factions and engage in PvP, including heart-pounding Fortress Battles. AION Classic offers four core classes – Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest – with a total of eight playable specialisations.

AION Classic Europe initially runs on a single international server and is available in English, French, and German. The game is free to play for everyone, with some restrictions to XP, Kinah, and acquiring high-quality items. However, Siel’s Energy offers the Classic experience without restrictions. Memberships will be available for 3, 30, or 90 days, with a 30-day membership costing around €10.

Content creators can participate in the AION Classic community via the HERO content creator programme. While no detailed information has been provided about plans, participants can register their interest on the website.

Players of AION Live will be required to migrate their account to the Gameforge client a few days before AION Classic launches to continue playing the Live version. The Steam accounts will also be migrated, and players can still launch the game directly from Steam.

AION Classic promises to offer an exciting MMORPG experience that players have been eagerly waiting for. With updates and improvements, players can look forward to reliving the original game’s nostalgia while enjoying new content in this classic version.

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