EverQuest Marks 25th Anniversary with Celebrations and Gifts for Players 1

EverQuest Marks 25th Anniversary with Celebrations and Gifts for Players

EverQuest celebrates its 25th anniversary, highlighting its journey through two and a half decades of providing a rich, immersive gaming experience. The game’s development team extends its appreciation to the community, acknowledging their role in the game’s enduring success and continuous evolution.

In recognition of this milestone, EverQuest has announced a series of in-game festivities and rewards for its player base. All players are eligible for a 50% experience gain bonus effective until April 1, 2024. Additionally, every character will receive a Royal Silver Crown, available through April 20, 2024, to commemorate the anniversary.

All-Access Members receive additional benefits, including a Darkpaw Torch Ornament for all characters, a Level 100 Heroic Character upgrade, and a Goblet of Adventure II, each offer valid until April 20, 2024. These gifts are part of EverQuest’s efforts to enhance player experience during the celebration period.

The anniversary also introduces new content, including quests and a mission that lead players through novel narratives and challenges. For example, players can explore quests like “Chasing What’s Not Real” and participate in a raid called “Inner Turmoil,” reflecting the game’s commitment to delivering engaging and dynamic content.

Returning events from previous years complement the new offerings, catering to a broad spectrum of player levels and preferences. Additionally, the game has re-introduced Past Heritage Crates, available on the Marketplace until April 1, 2024, providing access to rare items.

An infographic shared by the EverQuest team presents significant figures that underscore the game’s impact: over 9,132 days since its launch, the creation of more than 9.32 million characters, and a cumulative playtime surpassing 270 billion minutes. These statistics illustrate the extensive reach and active engagement of the EverQuest community.

EverQuest Marks 25th Anniversary with Celebrations and Gifts for Players 2

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