Amazon Games Announces Season 2 - Blood of the Sands for New World 1

Amazon Games Announces Season 2 – Blood of the Sands for New World

Amazon Games has unveiled the second season of their MMORPG, New World. Titled “Blood of the Sands”, the new season is set to introduce a variety of content, including new PvP activities, narratives, and a gargantuan sand wurm. The season is scheduled for release on July 6th, with a Public Test Realm (PTR) preview on May 25th.

A Mysterious New Story and More

Blood of the Sands sees players unraveling the enigmatic story of Brimstone Sands and its colossal beast known as the Devourer. An ancient group called the Blood of the Sands, led by Malek, has emerged to seek assistance in locating the eggs of these gargantuan creatures. The player will join forces with the Silver Crows and Rima the bard to uncover the group’s secrets and their past ties with the beast they refer to as Shah Neshen.

Amazon Games Announces Season 2 - Blood of the Sands for New World 2

Alongside this new narrative, the season introduces a new Season Journey, Activity Card, Challenges, and rewards including cosmetics and consumables like Transmog Tokens.

Upgraded Character Customization and Elite Trials

Among the most anticipated features of Season 2 is the introduction of Transmog. This feature allows players to capture the appearance of any gear collected in the world and transform it into a usable skin for their cosmetic collection.

Amazon Games Announces Season 2 - Blood of the Sands for New World 3

The season also presents a new PvE game mode, the Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen, the Devourer. Players will have to combat the formidable sand wurm in an arena for elite rewards. This challenging activity is tailored for 20 max-level players.

Outpost Rush Goes Cross World and First Light Falls

Amazon Games also announced the introduction of Cross World Outpost Rush, a 20v20 game mode for max-level players, playable across any world within the same region. In addition to cross-world functionality, Outpost Rush will receive improvements to gameplay, such as reduced wait times, increased focus on objectives, and increased damage from siege weapons.

Amazon Games Announces Season 2 - Blood of the Sands for New World 4

In a surprising twist, First Light, one of the territories in New World, has fallen to Artemis and her Angry Earth horde. The settlement, fort, and trading post in First Light are now closed, with a wall of thorns blocking all access into the territory. Amazon Games promises exciting plans for the territory in future updates.

New Features, Events, and PTR Preview

Other notable features of Season 2 include a new Gladiator style 3v3 Arenas map, a new Heartrune Ability allowing players to summon a sand wurm, and a new group activity, Siege of Sulfur, where players defend sand wurm eggs from waves of Sulfur Elementals.

Season 2 will also bring festive seasonal events such as the Summer Medleyfaire, where players can celebrate the summer with music and rare Aeternum Sturgeons.

The Public Test Realm (PTR), opening on May 25, will give players an early look at the upcoming features. The PTR will also feature a special preview client available for download, allowing players to test the changes before they go live on the main servers.

The “Blood of the Sands” announcement brings excitement and anticipation to the New World player base. Amazon Games continues to expand and improve its MMORPG, delivering fresh content and experiences for its players.

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