New World Update 1.9.1 brings Rabbit's Revenge event and fixes to game modes, weapons, and more 1

New World Update 1.9.1 brings Rabbit’s Revenge event and fixes to game modes, weapons, and more

New World players can look forward to the latest update, version 1.9.1, which has just been released. The update brings with it several exciting features, including the Rabbit’s Revenge event, where players can hunt down corrupted rabbits for event-specific rewards.

According to Product Owner Phil Bolus, the development team wanted to create a whimsical Monty Python type threat with the Corrupted Rabbits. To add to the fun, the rabbits have an affix that causes them to explode into a pool of corruption, damaging players.

In response to player feedback from last year’s event, each rare drop is now guaranteed after slaying a certain number of corrupted rabbits. Additionally, the rewards for the event are inspired by an iconic game where creepy enemies attack players while wearing rabbit masks.

Aside from the Rabbit’s Revenge event, the update also includes fixes to several game modes, including PvP Arenas and Expeditions. It also fixes issues with refining resources, dyes, and some weapon abilities.

Furthermore, the update addresses an economy, progression, and gear issue that caused some items to receive unintended attribute perks in the previous update. Affected items will be re-rolled as part of the change, and some may even become legendary.

The New World team continues to listen to player feedback and regularly update the game to ensure a fun and enjoyable gaming experience. The update is live now, so players can jump in and start hunting down those corrupted rabbits!

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