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Archeage Garden of the Gods Expansion Announced

Archeage Garden of the Gods Expansion Announced

Gamigo has announced a brand new expansion for Archeage and Archeage: Unchained that will be released on June 11th.

The Garden is a separate place from the world of Erenor that can only be reached through the Gate of the Garden, found at The Navel of the World in high Eastern Hiram Mountains. Beginning 11th June, you will have the chance to open the door and be greeted by Kyprosa, the gatekeeper, and dwell upon the breath-taking and magical garden. Finally, you’ll stand in the place it all began. Experience new raids where you will challenge Anthalon, whose soul was brought back to the body and inherited Kyrios’ corrupted desire.

The story for Garden of the Gods will include 59 quests in some fantastic new landscapes.

Players can claim the Brown Shiba Inu in the markeplace for a limited time starting today.

See the full trailer below