Blade & Soul Announces New Update "Race to the Summit" Coming on February 8th 1

Blade & Soul Announces New Update “Race to the Summit” Coming on February 8th

Blade & Soul fans are in for a treat as the popular online multiplayer role-playing game is set to release its next update, “Race to the Summit,” on February 8th. Players can look forward to a range of exciting new features, including the return of the popular “Great Windwalking Race,” where players test their parkour skills with jumps, dashes, and obstacles.

February is also the time for “Blade & Soulmate 2023,” an event that celebrates the relationships that players create in the game. This year, the event will serve as a special reward for players who have been dedicated to the game and their fellow players.

In addition, Soul Boost Season 3 is also set to return, providing players with even more opportunities to progress and improve their skills in the game.

So, get ready to put your windwalking skills to the test and join the “Race to the Summit” on February 8th. See you in the endgame!

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