The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload 1
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The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload

Let’s just face it, for the generation that played MMORPGs back in the late 90s and early to mid-2000s, it’s mostly about nostalgia these days. Nothing quite compares to whatever you played back in the day.

Last month we posted our favorite Everquest nostalgia and before that some of our favorite nostalgia-inducing classic WoW videos. This time around we figured we would bring you some Burning Crusade nostalgia as it is being released later this year for WoW classic.

TBC is still one of the most beloved if not the most beloved WoW expansion. Vanilla WoW demolished all competition in the MMORPG space, and as TBC came along the game had higher player numbers than any MMO before it could ever dream of.

Below is a list of our favorite TBC nostalgia-inducing content. This is for all of you who can’t wait to go back to 2007

The World of Warcraft Website from 2007

There’s something special about websites from the ’90s and early 2000s, and I love looking at old gaming sites especially through the Wayback Machine.

The old World of Warcraft site is a true gem and it’s really well preserved compared to many other old MMO sites.

Not all dates work well on the Wayback Machine, but the snapshot shown below from January 20th, 2007 works pretty well and is from just after the TBC release.

The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload 2

Fox TV Report

A lot has changed since 2007 and gaming has moved more and more into the mainstream. If and when World of Warcraft and other MMOs made it into the mainstream media it was almost always in a report like this where the tone is close to mocking of gamers, focusing mostly on how addictive the game is.

It’s pretty fun to look back at now though.

The Burning Crusade PvP Videos

One of the things TBC is often remembered for is being a good time for PvP. Classes were more balanced but gameplay shifted from the larger scale battlegrounds to arenas if you wanted the best gear.

There are plenty of videos out there if you want to get your PvP nostalgia on before classic TBC launches, likes this one from Vurtne.

Magazines Covers

Before the internet took completely over, we used to have something called magazines. My mom wouldn’t let me play games 24/7, so part of the day was spent reading articles about WoW in various gaming magazines.

The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload 3
The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload 4

Collector’s Edition

Speaking of my mom, I also wasn’t allowed to get the collector’s edition, but my friend had it and that just made the fact that I didn’t have it a lot worse.

The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload 5

Blizzcon 2005

I couldn’t find much content from Blizzcon back in 2005, but the video below provides a recap of the announcement of The Burning Crusade.

For a more in-depth look, check out the video below as well where Lead Game Designer, Jeffrey Kaplan provides some interesting info on the design of World of Warcraft’s first expansion.

Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

A cautionary tale for everyone that plans on playing TBC with a friend. Be sure to agree beforehand before choosing between Aldor or Scryers.

The Burning Crusade Zboard

Zboards were all the rage in the MMO gaming community for a while and came in a few different editions.

The TBC one came with emote buttons, raid functions, a follow and an invite button, and a few other neat functions.

I would love to see a modern version of this. Think a cross between a Zboard and a Corsair K100.

The Burning Crusade Nostalgia Overload 6

That’s it for our Burning Crusade nostalgia trip. I’m sure we missed something on the list, so if you got a favorite piece of content or gear that should be on the list, leave a comment below and maybe we’ll include it in part 2!

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