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Book of Travels Shifts Focus from Creating New Content to Fixing Bugs

Might and Delight have announced that they will shift their focus for the next few months from creating new content for their tiny MMORPG, Book of Travels, to fixing bugs and issues in the game.

Our original plan was, as you may know, to continually flesh out the game with content in the form of additional features, levels, character forms and more – all of it along with a flow of patches with fixes on a regular basis throughout the Early Access period that we call “Chapter Zero”.

But the truth is – and this is the part where we need to be brutally honest with ourselves – Book of Travels is nowhere near the level of polish we expected it to be at this point in its life cycle, nor where we need it to be to make it a successful product in the long term. New content tends to birth new problems for us to deal with when they get added, and for a team as small as ours it quickly becomes unsustainable.

Last week, a survey was sent out to the Book of Travels player base, asking what the fans thought the developers should spend time on in the imminent future. 57% answered that efforts should be focused on fixing gameplay bugs.

The full update can be found on the Book of Travels Steam page.

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