Book of Travels Release Into Early Access 1

Book of Travels Release Into Early Access

Kickstarted Indie Tiny MORPG Book of Travels has released into early access on Steam, after being available to backers for a little over a week. Early access will last for around 2 years and will be the game’s first chapter also dubbed Chapter 0.

“We plan to be in Early Access for around 2 years. A period we call “Chapter Zero”.

Full release will mark the start of “Chapter One”. It will be available once the game world is a lot, lot bigger and we have added the features, stories and changes we envision the final game to have. The game must become “smoother” with better feedback and flow for us to deem it ready for full release.

Book of Travels managed to secure over $260K in funding through Kickstarter back in 2019. It will be available with a 10% discount on Steam as a launch offer until October 19th. The game comes with a warning from the developers though for players that are considering a visit to the Braided Shore.

Book of Travels is not a conventional RPG. Your characters are not immortal and adventuring requires planning and preparation. Hints and secrets are everywhere – make sure to have a pen and paper ready!

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