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Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary

Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary

Broken Ranks is celebrating its first anniversary today, January 25th. Throughout the past year, the game’s developers have introduced a variety of changes and new features, including additional content, new gear upgrades, and a marketplace for trading items. The game’s community has also grown significantly, with a steady increase in the number of players joining the different factions.

In recognition of the anniversary, the developers have released an infographic and spreadsheet detailing various statistics about the game, such as the number of resources donated to guilds and the number of players in each faction. They have also reflected on the game’s evolution over the past year, highlighting some of the major updates and new features that have been introduced.

Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary 1

The developers have also expressed their gratitude for the dedication and support of the game’s community, saying that feedback and suggestions from players have been an important part of the game’s development. They have also promised to continue to improve and expand the game in the coming year, with a number of anniversary surprises and activities planned for players to enjoy.