Broken Ranks' Patch 6.33 Brings Gear Rework and More! 1

Broken Ranks’ Patch 6.33 Brings Gear Rework and More!

Patch 6.33 in Broken Ranks is arriving on December 12th, bringing a host of exciting changes and additions to enhance your gaming experience.

Revamped Sets and Enhanced Gameplay

The highlight of this update is the comprehensive rework of gear sets. These sets, crucial for players at different progression stages and tournament participants, are receiving a major upgrade. The developers aim to make these sets viable for all players by adjusting attributes and balancing them with the current game standards. A unique feature being introduced is the addition of slots in set elements, allowing players to insert drifs that operate at maximum level regardless of their experience. This update is set to revolutionize how gear sets function in Broken Ranks, offering more versatility and strategic options for players.

Increased Accessibility and New Challenges

The update also addresses the rarity of set gear. While maintaining their exclusivity, the droprate for these items will be increased, making them more attainable. Additionally, the spawn rates for various champions, such as Psychopath and Tilsai, will be adjusted, making these elusive enemies more frequent and easier to locate.

Instance Updates and AI Improvements

Another significant aspect of Patch 6.33 is the final addition of difficulty levels to instances like Ichtion, Construct v1, and Construct v2. These levels add depth and challenge to the gameplay. In particular, Construct v2 has undergone significant changes, including a new AI for the third form and adjusted resistances, ensuring a fair and engaging experience for both physical and magical classes.

Enhancements and Quality of Life Improvements

Beyond these major updates, Patch 6.33 will also introduce several quality-of-life improvements. The world map is getting an overhaul for better clarity and usability. Players can now easily track dynamic events like the potato beetles, without needing to note down their timings. Additionally, a mysterious new location is being added to the teleportation tower, sparking curiosity among the player base.

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