Clockwork Labs Announces Pre-Alpha 10 for Upcoming MMO Bitcraft 1

Clockwork Labs Announces Pre-Alpha 10 for Upcoming MMO Bitcraft

Clockwork Labs has exciting news for the Bitcraft community. In their latest Producer Letter, Alessandro, the producer, has confirmed that the studio is ready to launch the first tests of Pre-Alpha 10.

This development follows plans indicated in the April Producer Letter, setting the stage for multiple test phases. Pre-Alpha 10 will focus primarily on testing tiered content and how it engages players over a prolonged period. Future tests will concentrate on the stability and performance of the new server-side software.

The first of these tests, scheduled to run for a full week from May 24th to May 31st, 2023, will be Bitcraft’s longest test to date. The purpose of this extended trial is to assess whether Bitcraft’s gameplay can sustain player engagement beyond the initial couple of days. Collaboration is a key aspect of Bitcraft as construction projects become more ambitious, and the developers are eager to see what testers can create within the extended timeframe.

Testers will be selected randomly from sign-ups on the Bitcraft website. Additionally, all active participants from previous tests will be re-invited, and the Bitcraft community discord will host a “first come first served” invite event, offering an extra opportunity for players to join the test.

This upcoming testing phase is a significant milestone for Bitcraft, promising to provide the developers with valuable feedback and insights that will shape the future of the game.

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