Corepunk's Alpha 2 Test Postponed to May 1

Corepunk’s Alpha 2 Test Postponed to May

Artificial Core, the team behind the upcoming isometric MMORPG Corepunk, has announced a revised schedule for the game’s public alpha 2 test. Initially set for the end of April, the test has now been postponed to the last week of May, running from May 27 to June 2. The decision, shared with the Corepunk community on April 9, 2024, came after a review of the development team’s deliverables schedule, which highlighted that not all progression systems could be fully implemented by the initially targeted date of April 23.

In opting to delay the alpha 2 test, Artificial Core aims to avoid cutting any systems or talents from the trial, preferring instead to present a complete experience. The additional time until the end of May will also allow the team to produce and share videos showcasing some of the new systems and gameplay features awaiting players. This approach is intended to acquaint players with the game’s mechanics and the various elements they can expect to interact with during the test.

The focus of the upcoming test will be on enabling a wide array of systems for player exploration, including the testing of builds, new items, weapons, and the gameplay of new heroes, all within a coherent progression logic. The developers express enthusiasm about observing player interactions with the game and gathering feedback, which is highlighted as a primary objective for this phase. Despite Corepunk drawing inspiration from various renowned MMORPGs, the team underscores that the game offers a distinct playing experience within the genre.

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