Mortal Online 2 Developers Enhance New Player Experience in Upcoming Update 1

Mortal Online 2 Developers Enhance New Player Experience in Upcoming Update

The latest edition of Into the Vault featured Star Vault discussing significant updates to Mortal Online 2 during his bi-weekly Q&A stream on May 8th. Aimed primarily at newcomers, these updates focus on the initial gaming experience and are detailed in the session available on the game’s official YouTube channel. The new Sylvan Sanctum dungeon was also explored during the live stream.

Mortal Online 2 is noted for its complexity, which, while appealing to many players, often poses a daunting challenge to new arrivals. The upcoming update seeks to simplify this introduction. Improvements include new build presets at character creation and a remodeled tutorial experience in Haven, which now begins at a new location and offers a more direct route through the game’s basics. Additionally, skill adjustments are being made to increase their accessibility for new players and the PvE experience on Haven is being enhanced with more challenges.

In response to the positive feedback on the existing task system, new types of tasks are being introduced, focusing on foraging and fishing. These tasks are designed to engage players in collecting specific resources and mastering effective techniques for gathering and fishing, enhancing both the educational and entertainment value of these activities. Unique rewards, including a new currency, titles, and a cape, will be available, which scale in value according to the difficulty of the tasks.

While the update introduces many new features, it also sets the stage for future expansions. Star Vault revealed plans for another new dungeon in a forthcoming update, which will be located in the southern Myrland jungle.

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