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Deadlands & Update 32 is Live on the PTS

Deadlands & Update 32 is Live on the PTS

Deadlands, the final DLC in the Gates of Oblivion adventure is now available on the Public Test Server for the Elder Scrolls Online.

Deadlands will introduce new quests and the Deadlands zone, along with the city of Fargrave.

Update 32 brings with it a range of fixes and new features. The new Armory system will let characters swap out builds instantly. Collecting item sets is also going to be a bit easier once the update drops.

To help you collect complete gear sets, we’ve also made some changes to how item set drops work. Now, for most of the drops you receive, the system tries to provide the set pieces that you don’t already have in your collection first.

Read the full update on the official ESO site.