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Elder Scrolls Online announces new Shadow Over Morrowind adventure for 2023

Elder Scrolls Online announces new Shadow Over Morrowind adventure for 2023

The story, which will be told through multiple content releases, centers around the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, and the secrets he protects from mortals and Daedra alike. However, these secrets are now under threat from unknown forces, putting reality itself at risk.

The adventure will kick off in March with the release of the Scribes of Fate dungeon DLC, where players will be able to delve into two new dungeons and battle their way through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and the temporal magics of Bal Sunnar.

The Scribes of Fate DLC will also mark the beginning of the Shadow Over Morrowind saga, with players’ actions within the dungeons having consequences for all of Tamriel.

In June, the story will continue with the release of the Necrom Chapter, featuring 30 hours of all-new story content and the exploration of two new zones, the Telvanni Peninsula and the realm of Oblivion, Apocrypha. Players will take on the role of an agent of Hermaeus Mora tasked with investigating a mysterious threat to the Daedric Prince’s secrets and encountering new and returning characters along the way.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom will be available for PC/Mac on June 5, 2023, and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on June 20, 2023. Players who pre-purchase the Necrom chapter will receive unique bonus rewards at launch and immediate access to the Sadrith Mora Spore Steed mount and Sadrith Mora Spore Pony pet.

Read more about the brand new adventure on the official ESO site.