EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 1
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EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024?






  • Active Community
  • Deep Lore
  • Real Sense of Adventure
  • Active Classic Private Servers
  • Plenty of Content


  • Outdated Graphics
  • Clunky UI
  • Unfriendly to Beginners
  • Pay-to-Win Elements

EverQuest, released in 1999, was one of the first massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and is considered a pioneer in the genre. The game was set in the fantasy world of Norrath, and it allowed players to create characters and embark on quests, interact with other players, and form groups to take on more challenging content.

The game’s graphics were impressive for its time, and the world was vast and immersive, being one of the first 3D MMOs. It was a revolutionary game that set the standard for many of the MMORPGs that came after it, and it continues to be enjoyed by many players even in 2023.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 2
The cover art for EverQuest by Keith Parkinson is sure to bring back some memories for many old-school players.

The game can now be played on regular live servers, time-locked progression servers, or classic private servers like Project 1999. This provides players with the option to experience the game as it was originally intended or to experience it with some modern updates and conveniences.


One of the major appeals of EverQuest was its sense of adventure and exploration. The game world is massive and filled with a variety of different zones, each with its own unique aesthetic and creatures to encounter.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 3
The world of Norrath is huge and filled with adventure.

The game features a wide range of races and classes to choose from, giving players much flexibility in creating their characters.

EverQuest’s combat system was also noteworthy back in 1999. Unlike many other games at the time, combat was not turn-based but rather real-time. This added a sense of urgency and excitement to battles, as players had to actively dodge and block attacks in order to survive. The game also features various spells and abilities for players to master, giving the game a deep and rewarding combat system.

Death in EQ was also far more punishing than in most other MMOs, as players had to retrieve their corpse and items before they could respawn. This encouraged players to take a more cautious approach to battle, as death could have serious consequences.

Another major appeal of EverQuest was its sense of community. The game was designed to be played with others, and players could form groups to tackle challenging content or simply socialize with one another. Cities and trading hubs were filled with players, each with their unique story and identity.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 4
EverQuest is all about community. Here is a group adventuring on the P1999 private server.

The game also featured various zones and dungeons designed for groups, encouraging players to form bonds and work together. No dungeon finder existed, so players had to work together to find and complete dungeons.

In 2023, EverQuest is considered a classic game and holds up well in terms of its historical significance. However, in terms of gameplay and graphics, it may not compare to more modern MMORPGs.

The game’s mechanics and UI can be clunky for players accustomed to more recent titles. Additionally, the game’s subscription model, which was standard for MMORPGs at the time, has been replaced mainly by free-to-play models. EverQuest has also made the switch to free-to-play, making it more accessible but also introducing microtransactions to the classic title.

EverQuest has almost 30 expansions at the moment, with a new one being released every year, resulting in significant feature creep. This can give new players the impression that EQ is too complex and intimidating to bother learning, which may make them opt for other MMORPGs instead, especially with the clunky, outdated UI.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 5
The UI in EverQuest can scare even veteran players.

However, despite these shortcomings, many players still find EverQuest to be a fun and engaging game. The game’s sense of adventure and exploration is still enjoyable, and the combat system is still challenging and rewarding.

The game’s community is still active and dedicated, and there’s a sense of nostalgia and nostalgia associated with the game that makes it appealing to many players.

Players looking for a simpler experience can also check out Project 1999, which is EQ in its purest form and is arguably more enjoyable than the current version.


The graphics in EverQuest were impressive for its time, but by today’s standards, they appear outdated, even with a few updates over the years. The game uses 3D graphics, but the models and textures are low-resolution.

Additionally, the game’s lighting and shading effects were limited, giving the game a more flat and simplistic look compared to more modern titles.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 6
The graphics in EverQuest has been updated over the years, but still won’t compete with newer titles.

However, despite these limitations, the game’s art style and design still hold up well, and the game world is still immersive and atmospheric.

The game’s sense of adventure and exploration is still enjoyable, and it’s capable of immersing players in the world of Norrath.

The graphics might be unappealing to new players, but veterans of the game will still find it charming.


For an older game, the sound design in EverQuest is well-done and adds a lot to the game’s immersive atmosphere, with different sounds for different creatures, spells, and abilities.

The game featured a wide variety of ambient sound effects that helped to bring the different zones and environments to life.

The sound of EverQuest has a very retro feel, but overall, the sound design in EverQuest is a strong point of the game, and it helps to create a rich and immersive experience for players.


EverQuest’s population has fluctuated over the years, but it still has a dedicated player base in 2023.

The game’s population peaked during the late 90s and early 2000s, but as newer MMORPGs were released, the player base began to decline.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 7
Plenty of people still play EverQuest

The game’s community is still active, and there are still many players who continue to play the game on a regular basis.

There are also a number of private servers, like Project 1999, that have a significant population of players who still enjoy the game. These servers offer a classic experience of the game, with a community that is dedicated to preserving the game’s original features and atmosphere.

Is EverQuest Free-to-Play?

EverQuest is free-to-play and has been since the game transitioned from a subscription model to a free-to-play model in 2012.

Players are now able to play the game for free, but there are optional micro-transactions available through an in-game item shop. These micro-transactions allow players to purchase in-game items and services.

Additionally, there is also an optional subscription model called Membership that provides players with additional Perks.

Is EverQuest Pay-to-Win?

It’s accurate to say that EverQuest has some elements of pay-to-win, as players can purchase Chrono with real money that can be sold to other players for Platinum, which can be used to buy gear and other in-game items. This allows players willing to spend real money to have an advantage over those who choose not to.

However, it’s worth noting that the game still requires a significant amount of skill and effort to be successful, and it’s not possible to simply buy your way to the top.

Project 1999 and other private servers do not contain pay-to-win elements, as all in-game items are acquired through traditional means.


Overall, EverQuest is a game worth experiencing for its historical importance and the nostalgia it holds for many players.

It was an innovative game that set the standard for many of the MMORPGs that came after it. However, those looking for a more modern MMORPG experience may be disappointed by the game’s clunky mechanics and outdated graphics.

EverQuest Review: Is EQ Worth Playing in 2024? 8
There is still adventures to be had in Norrath.

If you can overcome those factors, EverQuest is still a rewarding and enjoyable experience, with an active community and a variety of options to explore.

Any MMO fans should at least try it to experience the world of Norrath and check out what EQ is all about.

Have you played EverQuest? What were your experiences with the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. i still play EQ after 22 years and love it. play alot of all the new game but allways go back to this game.

  2. It’s an amazing game. One that actually can cause you some fear. Fear of running in to a big mob, then the ever nerve racking corpse run. It was amazing for it’s time. With the new engine coming out this year. The clunkiness their talking about will be gone. Even still it’s an amazing game. That you have to work hard to level up. That alone cleared out the casual gamer. But it makes the game even more rewarding once you do level up.

  3. It’s a game, but unfortunately it has more and more bugs and support doesn’t care. For example, a quest to obtain a familiar is directed to filing a bug and waiting until they get around to fixing it despite the fact that we are all paying for a the game. It’s like paying for a gym membership, but half of the machines are broken or out of order so you have to do other things hoping they eventually get shit fixed.

  4. I’ve been playing for almost 22 years, and still love the game. You are always everquesting, and no time for boredom. You should try it for yourself….its well worthwhile!

    1. @Theresa, I SO WANT TO GET BACK INTO IT! I just can’t remember my sign in password but I have a cleric monk and warrior with their 2.5 weapons and shield and I neeed to repurchase a computer for just gaming. I make the mistake I was an ex-marine and got shot on the top of my head and forgot A LOT OF MY MEMORIES!¡!¡!¡! I went straight Apple iPads watch tv etc. etc. I want the game back because my fondest memory was crushbone! Lol, The and farming the exp from 11-20 and the mountains something where you could farm gold, etc. the wood elves in the trees and even though 4 characters of mine had the 2.5 epics my fav item in the game “loot of the howler!” Lmao I just need a new computer and all my sign in info. I forgot A LOT with the TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury )

    2. @Angel Of Death, if you can find out the credit card info you used at the time, or old email, contact an admin and they should be able to help.

  5. You can play both this and wow on private servers now, so joining one is simply a google search away. As for live eq I don’t recommend it, its mostly dead on low levels you won’t find anyone that still plays this after two decades. Unlike wow though eq is free so feel free to experiment. Another game to consider is Ultima Online it is still active, there are both live and private servers for it.

  6. I remember when this game first released and at the time I thought it was overrated garbage. I still think its overrated garbage and it doesn’t deserve to be remembered but rather forgotten entirely. People who played this shit were in it for the endorphin rush, loss of time, lack of hygiene, hell even a lack of social and working life. Everquest also mastered the art of most game related deaths, where players took their own lives for whatever reasons. It also turned young adolescents of the time into hermit crabs. The game ended on low score as swaths of population scrambled for other titles, today it is a broken shell of a game and fuck Daybreak.

    1. @Jack,
      Buddy, if you were an elf, sometimes it was just that you forgot these tree dwellers hadn’t considered guardrails. Sometimes you just wanted to die in specific ways so it said b00bs when you zoomed out.

      And never forget the poor unfortunate souls who saw ‘TRAIN!’ come across the chat bar.

  7. I played EQ from 1999-2003. I’ve played a lot of MMORPGs since, and none have come close to the fun I had in early EQ. There was virtually no in game guidance. No hand-holding. Dying was a big deal. And you had to be social.

    That last part makes it a really hard game to start or go back to in 2023.

  8. Been playing since day 2. Everquest is the template so many other games tried to emulate and ultimately failed. Spinoffs like World of Warcraft appear to be similar, but in the long run don’t have the intricacy or mystique of EQ’s lore. I have played many MMO’s, and to end content- I always come back to this 25 year old game.

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