Get Ready for the Jester's Festival in The Elder Scrolls Online 1

Get Ready for the Jester’s Festival in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Jester’s Festival with a bunch of rewards, starting Thursday, March 26th and lasting until April 2nd.

You can pick up the starting quest for free in the Crown Store, which will lead you to Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard and Daggerfall where the pavillions for the event are located.

To get started, find the Jester’s Festival pavilions located outside the cities of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall. If you’re having trouble, pick up the Jester’s Festival starter quest free from the in-game Crown Store for directions.

Completing the intro quest will reward you with Pie of Misrule memento, which will grant 100% bonus XP for two hours.

Read more about the Jester’s Festival and all the rewards at the official site.

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