New world Corrupted Breaches

New World: A Look at Corrupted Breaches

In their latest dev blog, Amazon Game Studios lets players in on new info about the foes you will be fending off in New World.

As you establish a safe haven in a Settlement or Fort, the Corrupted take notice. Corrupted Breaches will begin to emerge in your territory, making travel and resource gathering more difficult the longer these Breaches go unaddressed. Guarding these Breaches are the The Acolytes of Corruption. Like their lesser brethren the Cultists, they channel the dark, forbidden forces of Corruption to summon forth and sustain the dread portals and monoliths that form the heart of Corrupted Breaches. They are formidable adversaries capable of quickly changing the tide of battle, levitating effortlessly across great distances, flinging deadly bolts of eldritch energy, and conjuring explosive orbs of pure Corruption.

Players will need to work together to close the Corrupted Breaches and in doing so earn rewards and resources.

More info can be found at the official New World site.

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