Gloria Victis receives graphical overhaul and new features in latest update 1

Gloria Victis receives graphical overhaul and new features in latest update

Gloria Victis has released Update 353. The update marks the first step in a full overhaul of nature in the game. The artists and level designers have worked hard to recreate trees in the game as well as enhance the visuals of wooden fences and small props. The new trees have more variants than before, making the forests around the world of Gloria Victis look more unique and varied. The upgrade will continue in the following weeks to bring even more reworked visuals to the game.

Additionally, the update brings a new series of questboards called the Crafting Tutorial Questboards. These questboards are located around the safezone of each nation and provide special lower-tier crafting orders up to tier 3 that award players with tokens. Players can exchange these tokens for crafting recipes, making it a great way to level up their crafting skills and progress faster through the crafting profession levels.

In addition to the new questboards, the update also introduces three new skins for horses, allowing players to ride into battle with style. Improvements have also been made to treasure hunting. Players can now better identify the places of buried treasures as they will not only be marked by a quest marker, but also have their own model.

Gloria Victis has also recognized its active community of content creators by encouraging players to visit their channels. To further show its appreciation, the game is hosting a two-week video contest with a main prize of 2000 ambers.

The update also brings several quality-of-life features and fixes, including faster fire extinguishing when a location is not sieged, adjusted crafting professions for certain crafts, mount skins having a separate filter in the market, and improved search bar in the market window.

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