Palia MMO Preps for Second Tech Test on June 8 1

Palia MMO Preps for Second Tech Test on June 8

Following the conclusion of its first successful tech test on May 25th, Singularity Six is forging ahead with its second tech test for the upcoming community simulation MMO game, Palia.

The tech test 2, which is a continuation of the first one, will run for a few short hours on June 8th. Singularity Six is currently in the process of sending out reminder emails to all participants from the first tech test.

Players who were invited but unable to participate in the first tech test will receive invitations for the second one. All progress made during the first test will carry over to the second, although this may not be consistent with future tests.

Unfortunately, those who signed up following the announcement of tech test 1 on May 18th will not be eligible for the upcoming test. But fear not – they will be considered for future ones.

Despite the curiosity surrounding the game’s release date, Singularity Six has yet to make an official announcement. As the game is currently in its Alpha testing phase, the developers are diligently evaluating each test to shape the future of Palia.

In order to ensure the best possible gameplay experience, each test is placed under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This ensures that any changes in gameplay or other development areas remain undisclosed until finalized, hence why no streams or content are currently available for viewing.

Those who are new to Palia can look forward to a cozy, community-based MMO set in a magical world. Interested players can sign up for future playtests on the game’s official website, where they can also view the official announcement trailer.

Singularity Six’s focus remains on leveling up Palia with each round of testing. Although tech test 2 won’t include new testers apart from the first round, the developers reassure potential players that more opportunities are on the horizon.

Palia is shaping up to be an innovative addition to the world of MMO gaming, and the second tech test is set to be a major milestone on its journey to launch.

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