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Legends of Aria Classic to Relaunch on Steam on May 9th

Legends of Aria Classic to Relaunch on Steam on May 9th

Legends of Aria is returning to Steam with its classic version from 2019 on May 9th. This version, known as Legends of Aria Classic, aims to offer players the same experience as before it was available on Steam Early Access, highlighting the features that initially engaged its player base.

The game developers have described the early part of 2019 as a significant time for Legends of Aria, marked by player engagement through the creation of towns and homes, and a PvP system that included a mix of factions. They noted that large dungeon raids and faction battles were prominent during this period, adding a dynamic element to gameplay.

With the relaunch, Legends of Aria Classic will reintroduce and modify several systems such as Karma and Factions, with plans to further develop these features based on player feedback.

The game will be free on Steam for 30 days starting May 9th. After this introductory period, it will require a monthly subscription to play, which the developers say will support ongoing development and enhancements.

The development team is also inviting guild leaders from within the Legends of Aria community to provide feedback. They are asking leaders to contact a specific team member via Discord as part of their efforts to involve the community in the game’s development process.