Lost Ark's "Slay Your Way to Elgacia" Update Brings New Advanced Class, Ebony Cube, and More 1

Lost Ark’s “Slay Your Way to Elgacia” Update Brings New Advanced Class, Ebony Cube, and More

Lost Ark players will be thrilled to learn that the “Slay Your Way to Elgacia” Update is set to arrive on Today May 10, 2023. The update is expected to bring a host of new features and improvements to the game, including the arrival of the Slayer Advanced Class, new story quests, and the Ebony Cube.

The Slayer is the fifth Warrior Advanced Class in the game and is a female remix of the Berserker class. Armed with a greatsword and Burst Mode, the Slayer can deal massive damage on the battlefield. Successful attacks with the Slayer fill the Fury Specialty Meter, which, when full, can trigger Burst Mode. During Burst Mode, the Slayer’s damage and movement speed greatly increase, and a Specialty skill called Bloodlust can be used to unleash powerful slashes and stabs.

In addition to the Slayer, the Ebony Cube will also be introduced in this update. It is a secretive ruin made by the Haals, an ancient race that were endowed with powers by the gods. Players can clear waves of enemies in a new activity that consolidates Boss Rush and Cube. With all the original rewards of both activities rolled into one, completing it should feel more impactful while also cutting down on the grind.

Other improvements include the return of the Event Guardians, a new backend change that allows for multiple progression events to run simultaneously, and improvements to the Knowledge Transfer and New Player Guardian Raid systems. The update also comes with a new Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express Plus (II) event, which allows players to earn Item Level 1340 gear and honing materials to quickly level up to Item Level 1460 and beyond.

Lost Ark players can expect downtime to begin on May 10 at 12AM PDT (8AM UTC) and last for 4 hours. Once the update is complete, players can expect a host of new content, events, skins, and other updates to explore and enjoy in the world of Arkesia.

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